My artist promise to you, the audience

Every time I step onstage, I feel a responsibility to give the audience a great show. They not only paid for the ticket, but they took time out of their day to give to me, the entertainer. They give me their undivided attention for a few hours, and all they ask in return is a fun time.

Lasy night’s Improv Against Humanity show felt extra important, as people braved the snow and cold to join us at the Rio Theatre. I’m proud to say that I feel we delivered on our promise of a fun time. Lots of laughs, kind feedback after the show, and some discoveries along the way.

Every time I step onstage, I am honoured to be a part of this fantastic transaction. To everyone who has ever come to see one of my shows, has performed with me, or has helped me on my journey – Thank You. I promise to always keep giving you the best show possible.

Daniel Chai Improv